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   Zhou Guanyu said after his painstaking personal first F2 victory in Sochi: Although the 2020 season has not developed as expected, he always believes that it is only a matter of time before reaching the top of the podium.


   In the second round of Sochi, the Tepco retaining wall could not be repaired in time due to the accident of Jack Aiken and Luca Giotto on the 7th lap, and ultimately did not resume. This made Zhou Guanyu, who has been in the leading position since the first start, became the winner of the race, although his points were halved because he did not reach 75% of the mileage.

在索契第二轮比赛中,由于杰克·艾肯(Jack Aiken)和卢卡·乔托(Luca Giotto)在第7圈发生事故,无法及时修复Tepco挡土墙,最终没有恢复。自第一轮比赛以来一直处于领先地位的周冠宇成为比赛的获胜者,尽管他的积分减少了一半,因为他没有达到里程的75%。

   After climbing on the F2 podium 9 times, Zhou Guanyu finally reached the top on the 10th time. For the Chinese teenager, this was a late victory, because in the first round of the Spielberg opener, he started from pole position and controlled the rhythm of the game in the first place. Mechanical failure and missed opportunities.


In the following 9 weekends, although Zhou Guanyu achieved 4 podium results, including the second place in the main event in the first weekend of Silverstone, many mechanical problems, proper team strategy and innocent involvement in accidents made his effectiveness. In the UNI-Virtuosi team, he has never been able to win.


   In the Sochi Main Race on Saturday, Zhou Guanyu, who started ninth on the grid, finished eighth, and won the reverse pole position of Sunday's sprint. With an excellent start and strong straight speed of the car, Zhou Guanyu took the lead and entered the first deceleration corner of the audience at Turn 2. Since then, despite Nikita Meseppin's close pursuit in second place, the Chinese teenager held firmly in the first place until the game was interrupted.

在周六的索契大赛中,第9位发车的周冠宇以第8名的成绩获得了周日冲刺的反杆位。周冠宇凭借出色的起步和强劲的直线速度,在第二弯道进入了观众的第一个减速弯道。自此,尽管尼基塔·梅塞平(Nikita Meseppin)紧追第二位,这位中国少年仍牢牢占据了第一名。直到游戏被打断为止。

Zhou Guanyu said that he and the UNI-Virtuosi team actually showed good competitiveness from the beginning of the 2020 season-his teammate Callum Elott is competing for the annual championship, and he himself is also in the 10 already completed. Race weekend, do your best to send back the limits of the car.

周冠宇说,他和UNI-Virtuosi团队实际上从2020赛季开始就表现出了良好的竞争力-他的队友Callum Elott正在争夺年度冠军,而他本人也已经进入了十届冠军之列。周末比赛,尽力发回赛车的极限。

   "In general, from the first weekend, we showed a very good speed," Zhou Guanyu told Motorsport Chinese website.

“从第一个周末开始,我们总体上表现出非常好的速度,”周冠宇在Motorsport Chinese网站上说。

"Whether in qualifying or in the competition, we are very strong. Just like last weekend at Mugello, I started from 20th and got 5th. That shows that we have a very good racing speed. What is certain is that we have a good car, and we can also maximize our abilities at hand.


"On the other hand, the important thing is that I show my best performance, do my best, don’t make mistakes, and be always ready. From the beginning, collect key data from practice. From always improving in qualifying, to Complete all work in all competitions; I always believed that I should have won long ago. We could have had a good season this year; obviously the season did not develop as planned."


   Zhou Guanyu, who served as a test driver for Renault F1 team this year, set himself a goal to enter the top four of the year in order to be eligible to apply for an F1 super driver's license.


Although he is currently in eighth place, 25.5 points away from Christian Lundgard in this position, but the development of this season has been ups and downs, and the gap between the drivers is very smiling, which means that the two rounds of final battle in Bahrain—— Especially in the second weekend, the outer ring and shorter layout are enough to add unexpected factors.


   The Chinese teenager said that he will persevere in the last two rounds. "The season is not over. We are still fighting for a good annual ranking. But I think the first victory is absolutely like: You spent a long time trying to pursue something, and finally everything is in place. This is for me and the team. Both are very good achievements. We will work hard until the end of the season."

这位中国少年说,他将在最后两轮比赛中坚持不懈。 “赛季还没有结束。我们仍在争取一个好的年度排名。但是我认为首场胜利绝对是这样的:您花了很长时间努力追求某种东西,最后一亚愽真人官网登录切都准备就绪。这对我和团队。这都是非常好的成就。我们会努力工作到本赛季结束。”

   It is worth mentioning that after the Mugello weekend, Zhou Guanyu went to Budapest to complete the test of the 2018 Renault F1 car for two days and accumulated nearly 1,000 kilometers of mileage. According to the F2 season, there is a two-month gap after Sochi, followed by a back-to-back weekend in Bahrain.


   (MSN live TV racing channel)


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